Adhesive tape laminating machine

Short Description:

Adhesive tape laminating machine: this machine is used for coating or laminating of release paper tape materials.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mainly for producing Adhesive Label,Double Side Tape,Foam Tape,Duct Tape,Kraft Paper Tape,Masking Tape,Fiber Tape etc.


1.Featuring a state-of-the-art sensor system
2.Including a splicing table
3.Boosting setup speeds


1.Production efficiencies: As we’ve emphasized throughout this blog, our newest addition streamlines our processes. This, of course, turns into better production rates for you as well.
2.Labor savings: Laminating at Walker Tape Converting just became even easier. This makes it possible for us to complete projects with fewer people and in less time. So, all things considered, this benefit ensures labor costs stay as low as possible.
3.Lead times: Considering how efficient the new laminator is, it also allows us to offer you even better lead times. We always strive to have your business interests in mind, and we hope our new machine shows that very clearly. We’re investing in the best resources to make sure you always receive the best possible service.
4.Wider portfolio of materials: Considering how heavy duty our laminator is, we have so many new materials at our disposal to work with. Included among these are the various foams mentioned above.

Main Technical Parameters

Effective Fabrics Width


Roller Width


Production speed:

0~30 m/min

Demension (L*W*H):

15950×2100×3600 mm

Gross Power

About 105KW


380V 50HZ 3Phase / customizable


About 11340KG

Widely Used In

PET,POL,PVA,Release paper and polyurethane film such as TAC.

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