What parts does the oil glue laminating machine consist of?

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The definition of oil-glue laminating machine is to heat two or two layers of the same or different raw materials, such as cloth, cloth, film, cloth and artificial leather, as well as various plastics and vulcanized rubber plastic sheets. And semi-melted, or laminating with special adhesive. So what are the main uses of the composite machine?

The key of the laminating machine is to manufacture according to different polymer materials, different characteristics and production processes of glue. Therefore, the difference lies in the laminating machine, fabric laminating machine, breathable film laminating machine, EVA laminating machine, sponge laminating machine, foam laminating machine, conveyor belt laminating machine, PVC laminating machine, etc.

The gluing method of the laminating machine is divided into two types

1. The roller is glued, and the oil glue on the raw material is comprehensive, which is suitable for the lamination of the production and processing of footwear fabrics;
2. The spot-shaped rubber wheel is glued, and the oil glue on the raw material is in the form of spots, which not only saves glue, but also has the characteristics of moisture-proof and breathable, good touch, and moisture-resistant polyester. It is widely used in the composite production and processing of textile fabrics.

Generally speaking, the laminating machine refers to the laminating machinery and equipment in the home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile exterior and related industry chains, which is suitable for the two-layer or two-layer production of various fabrics, leather products, films, papers, sponges, etc. craft. In fact, it is divided into glue laminating type and glue laminating type,   and glue laminating type is divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot sol and so on. The glue lamination process immediately presses or ignites lamination in the raw material.

Main uses of the laminating machine

1. It is used for gluing and bonding of raw materials such TPU film, PVC film, PU film, breathable film and non-proof cloth. It is suitable for manufacturing commodities such as baby diapers, medical protective clothing, and food desiccant packaging bags.

2. It is used in non-proof cloth and other raw materials, glue-coated composite type (to cater to) and divided production and processing. It is suitable for the production and processing of filter materials for home textiles, Automotive interior, shoe making materials, sofa fabrics and other related industries.

Post time: Jun-30-2022