What are the characteristics of the oil glue laminating machine

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Generally speaking, oil-glue laminating machine is laminating equipment for home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile interior and other related industries. Mainly used for more than two layers of cloth, leather, film, paper and sponge. Adhesives are divided into water glue and polyurethane oil glue. Hot melt adhesives and other non-bonded lamination techniques are often bonded directly or mixed directly with flame. The characteristics of the oil glue laminating machine: on the basis of the traditional glue point bonding machine, automatic correction, automatic edge sealing, automatic belt, automatic opening, automatic edge blowing. The composite material has the advantages of uniform coating, smooth composite, no tensile deformation, no foaming, no wrinkling, softness, good air permeability, good winding property, firmness, wash-ability.

There are many kinds of composite materials, and two common uses of composite machines are

1. Suitable for cast film, breathable film and non-woven fabric. Suitable for baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging bags and other industries.

2. It is used for lamination and slitting of non-woven fabrics. It is suitable for the processing of supporting filter materials such as household air purifiers, car air purifiers, etc.

Features of oil-gluing laminating machine

1. There are many kinds of composite materials, suitable for coated and laminated cloth, non-woven fabric, cloth leather, sponge and flannel, sponge and leather, etc.

2. It can be customized according to the characteristics and requirements of different materials;

3. The quantity and type of coating can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs.

4. The roller can be heated by electricity, steam or heat transfer oil.

5. Using the glue point transfer technology, the glue is evenly transferred to the interlining cloth in the form of dots, and then combined with the interlining cloth to form a whole.

6. At the same time, the composite fabric has the advantages of dry cleaning, sand washing, water washing and so on. Especially suitable for lamination of soft fabrics.

Post time: Jun-30-2022