How to use and development trend of hot melt adhesive laminating machine

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The development trend of hot melt adhesive laminating machine:

The hot melt adhesive laminating machine should clarify its own development direction, establish a good corporate image, and improve brand awareness. The hot melt glue machine should improve the technical level and improve the quality and performance of the equipment. Hot melt adhesive laminating machine manufacturers also need to cultivate a large number of talents through good cooperation and good service, cultivate loyal customers, and establish a good reputation for the enterprise. Through a series of efforts, the hot melt adhesive machine has achieved its own development goals and will continue to develop, striving to improve the overall strength of the hot melt adhesive machine in a short period of time and further expand the market.

Correct use method:

1. When installing and using the hot melt adhesive machine, avoid debris.

2. When using, the working environment should be kept clean. Clean up impurities, iron filings and other solid objects in time.

3. When moving the hot melt glue, the vertical position of the hot melt glue should be maintained. If there is a tilt, it will also affect the positioning accuracy of the machine, thereby damaging the hot melt glue.

4. When the hot melt adhesive machine needs to change the working environment, the power supply should be cut off during the handling process, and the temperature should be lowered and cooled before moving to avoid scalding the skin.

5. When moving or lifting, the bottom of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine can only be used as a transport fulcrum. Electronic components such as cylinders, doors, and control panels of the hot melt adhesive machine cannot be used as a fulcrum to lift and lower, which is easy to damage the equipment.


When we use a hot melt adhesive laminating machine, the temperature of the hot melt adhesive box can reach up to 120 degrees. We need to pay attention to high temperature burns of the skin. When the glue runs out, the temperature of the glue is also very high. In use, pay attention to its characteristics. With the gradual growth of commodity economy, hot melt glue machine has become a powerful assistant for commodity packaging.

Post time: Jun-21-2022