What are the basic characteristics of hot melt adhesive laminating machine?

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The main features of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine equipment are

The PUR hot-melt adhesive used does not contain solvent, which is an ideal green environmental protection adhesive. The product has no residual solvent, no pollution discharge problem in production, energy saving, small footprint, wet solid reaction in composite process, irreversible, firm bonding and good water resistance , PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain water and solvent, no drying, fast laminating speed, strong viscosity, saving glue amount, cost saving, full linkage control of laminating process, no stretching of substrate, soft quality, good hand feeling, heat source is oil heat , The heating speed is fast, the heat is uniform, the glue melting system is independent, the glue melting speed is fast, the mesh glue is dispensed, the finished product has good air permeability, strong three-dimensional sense, and the robot is designed to save operators.

Safety matters that should be paid attention to in the daily operation of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine

Avoid operating the hot melt adhesive machine around volatile and explosive raw materials or gases. Do not store flammable and explosive materials around the spraying equipment of the hot melt adhesive machine. Do not use the hot melt adhesive machine. Without proper protection devices, good insulation and good protection panels It can only be disassembled and maintained after professional training. The hot melt adhesive machine must not be operated in an ambient environment where the temperature is lower than 0°C and the temperature is higher than 50 °C.
Try not to flow air quickly, because when the hot melt adhesive nozzle combination is exposed to fast-flowing air, rapid cooling will affect the hot melt adhesive flow of the nozzle combination, which is prone to wire drawing. Judging from the wide application of hot melt adhesive laminating machines, the consumption of hot melt adhesive is one of the advantages used in various industries at present, and it has many advantages. The hot melt adhesive laminating machine is a kind of adhesive that needs to be heated by the hot melt glue machine to turn the solid glue into a liquid, and then the liquid glue is transported to the hot melt glue gun through the glue pipe through the pressure system of the melt glue machine. , an adhesive that applies glue to the surface of the object to be bonded through a hot melt glue nozzle.

Post time: Jul-06-2022