TPU, PU, PVC, PTFE Film Lamination Machine for Textile


1. Applied for gluing and laminating of fabric, nonwoven, textile, waterproof, breathable films and etc.

2. Aided by PLC program control and man-machine touch interface, easy to operate.

3. Advanced edge alignment and scothing devices, this machine increases the degree of automation, saves labor costs, relieves labor intensity, and enhances production efficiency.

4. With PU glue or solvent based glue, the laminated products have good adhesive property and touch well. They are washable and dry-cleanable. Due to the glue is in the point form when laminating, the laminated products are breathable.

5. Efficient cooling device enhances the lamination effect.

6. Sewing cutter is used to cut the raw edges of the laminated materials.


1.Fabric + fabric:textiles, jersey, fleece, Nylon, Velvet, Terry cloth,  Suede,etc.

2.Fabric + films, such as PU film, TPU film, PE film, PVC film, PTFE film,etc.

3.Fabric+ Leather/Artificial Leather,etc.

4.Fabric + Nonwoven

5.Diving Fabric

6.Sponge/ Foam with Fabric/ Artificial Leather




1.Textiles and Garments Industry

2.Medical Products Industry

3.Bags and Luggage Industry

4.Packaging Industry

5.Footwear Industry

6.Decoration Industry

7.Auto interior decoration Industry


1.Solvent based glue or PU glue is applicable for the laminating machine.

2.Glue is transferred evenly to material surface via engraved roller (dot or diamond shape or

other shapes). Therefore, laminated materials are soft, waterproof and breathable.

3.The glue quantity is decided by two factors: the distance between the glue roller and the glue

scraping blade (pneumatic control) and second, the glue roller mesh you choose for the laminating machine.

4.Special high temperature resistant and antirust Teflon paper on the drying roller surface protects

 materials' original and unique features and characteristics and prevents the glue from sticking to the roller of the laminating machine.

5.Special film unwinding device and film lining reclaimer are installed on the upper plate, facilitating

operation as well as saving space. The glue can be transferred onto film or the other fabric before laminating, more options.

6.Efficient cooling device boosts the lamination effect.


1.Both unwinding device and winding device of the laminating machine have magnetic constant tension control.

2.Automatic hydraulic centering device ensures edge alignment in laminating.

3.Pneumatic expanding shaft is installed for easy operation of the laminating machine.

4.Fabric Spreading Rollers or Openers

5.Tension Controller

6.Gear Transmission will be used around the gluing device and the drying roller and synchrony belt can also be used to replace chain transmission where necessary, therefore there will be less noise in the running of the laminating mahcine and the speed will be well synchronized

7.For 4-way stretch fabrics, a whole set of special devices will be installed.

8.Automatic Edge Trimming device will be installed. If required, automatic edge waste removing device can be added.

9.If required, Siemens or Mitsubishi motors can be used.

10.If required, PLC control can be realized with the laminating machine, so it will be convenient to set the time, speed, temperature and other factors and the machine will have memory. You will not worry about senior workers leaving, because new workers will also do the job with PLC.


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