The use of PUR hot melt laminating machine


PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine:

Suitable for textiles, non-woven products, TPU, PTFE, non-woven fabrics, artificial leather.

Automotive industry: automotive ceiling decoration. Goalpost. Automotive door panel fabric layer fit;

Clothing industry: outdoor sports, field military camouflage clothing, fire and police clothing, sanitary clothing, underwear, thermal clothing, cold clothing and other functional clothing.

Hygiene: clothing, protective clothing, etc.;

Filter material: PTPE for sewage and air filtration.

Footwear: shoe material fabrics.

Features of PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine:

1. PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain solvent, is an ideal green environmental protection glue, does not need to dry, and has fast compounding speed;

2. The product has no residual solvent, no pollution emission in production, energy saving, and small footprint;

3. The composite process of wet-solid reaction is irreversible, firm bonding, good washing fastness;

4. Good viscosity, saving the amount of glue and saving costs;

5. Full linkage control of the composite process, no stretching of the substrate, light and soft, good hand feeling;

6. The heat source is oil heat, fast heating, uniform heat;

7. The glue melting system is separate, and the full melt speed is fast;

8. Good air permeability and strong three-dimensional sense;

9. Robotized design, save operators;

Post time: Jan-20-2023