Precautions for the use of self-adhesive laminating machine

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1. This equipment must be operated by special personnel, and non-operators shall not open or move it randomly.
2. The operator can operate the equipment only after being fully familiar with and mastering the performance and working principle of the machine.
3. Before production, check whether electrical appliances such as cables, circuit breakers, contacts, and motors meet the requirements.
4. Check whether the three-phase power supply is balanced before production, and it is strictly forbidden to start the device without phase.
5. During production, check whether each rotary joint is safe, whether the pipeline is smooth, whether it is damaged, whether there is oil leakage, and remove it in time.
6. The hot oil machine must be turned on before production, and the production can only be started after the temperature rises to the temperature required by the process.
7. Before production, check whether the pressure of the barometer is normal and whether the air circuit is leaking, and repair it in time.
8. Check the fastening of each connection before production, check whether it is loose or fall off, and repair it in time.
9. Before production, check the lubrication conditions of hydraulic station, reducer, bearing box, lead screw, etc., and add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in a correct and timely manner.
10. It is strictly forbidden to contact the corrosive liquid with the rubber roller, and ensure that the surface of each drive roller is clean and free of foreign matter at any time.
11. It is strictly forbidden to stack sundries around the hot oil machine, and keep the hot oil machine and its surroundings clean and free of foreign objects at any time.
12. When the hot oil machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the oil pipeline with hands.
13. Before mass production of the equipment, a small amount of tests should be carried out, and mass production can be carried out after success.
14. After the machine is shut down, it is necessary to clean the glue tank, squeegee accessories, and anilox rollers in time, and remove the residual glue and dirt from all parts of the machine for the next use.

Post time: Jul-06-2022